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The Doomsday Door

A Sci-Fi Action Thriller, 80k Words (approx)

Incident Day, as it would be known by the survivors, was the begining of the Spawn invasion of Earth and the end of mankind as we had known it. Following a cataclysmic event that shook the world the creatures had appeared. More bio-weapon than animal and virtually impossible to kill permanently, the Spawn spread across the globe faster than any plague, laying waste to armies, cities and nations. 

Centuries in the future, an aging soldier turned scientist, Colonel Laurence, leaves the safe confines of the underground cities, embarking on a potential suicide mission across the barren hell of the surface world. Escorted by an elite squad of hardened surface operatives his mission will take them through the most dangerous region of the former United States. With both his true destination and mission a secret, he knows that only he has the chance to learn the origin of the Spawn and to perhaps do the impossible; to undo the past.

In our present day, Willard Graves had seen all his dreams and loves slip away over the decades, hitting bottom when his career suddenly ends. Isolated and friendless, Willard faces only emptiness and regret for the rest of his days. Until he has the vision. A vision where an entity Willard sees as a God who chooses him to be humanity's savior from a dark future.

But first Willard must bring the new God into our world. First he must build the Doorway.

Within the connection of these two timelines lie the secrets that Colonel Laurence must learn to  save humanities future or risk losing what little is left of mankind.   


A Sci-Fi Thriller Novella, 40k words (approx)

The nation was stunned by the overnight bombing of the White House.

The survival of the President…unknown. 

While authorities and the military scramble to guard against other possible attacks the wheels of the Governments machinations are rapidly moving. Secret Service Special Agent Rory Mitchell, the protective detail chief for the first female Vice President, rushes his charge to safety within a secure underground bunker just outside of Washington. His gravest concern isn’t of terrorists, homegrown extremists or lone wolves but of what he’s known to be a hidden truth for centuries. Agent Rory Mitchell is not of our world and his true purpose is not to protect our leaders.

Mitchell is one of the D’Lithrei, an incredibly advanced species of ageless shape shifters dedicated to exploring life on other worlds. Upon learning of the White House attack Mitchell knows that the study of the human race has concluded and a long planned hostile occupation will now commence. Earth is to be colonized by the D’Lithrei and seizing control of the United States government is the first step. Mitchell has the pivotal role of using his ability to impersonate the Vice President who is to now be ushered into the Presidency.

What Mitchell’s Overwatch, the D’Lithrei leader on Earth and his brotherly friend for millennia, does not know is that his heart and soul is no longer of their race. Mitchell has found love for a human woman, fellow agent Brandy Crane, her country and its people.  Mitchell is prepared to do whatever he must, even become a traitor, to protect his newfound home from his own kind.  With Special Agent Crane as his only ally Mitchell knows his kindred D’Lithrei will become an endlessly powerful and unseen enemy once they learn of his treason.                                

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The Ambassador

A Sci-Fi thriller short, 20k words (Approx)

After a recent tragedy Harold Downing has found peace and is mostly content with his life as a renowned anthroplogist and linguist. When he awakens one morning, not in the bed or room he fell asleep in, he finds that his lifes work has earned him a notoriety he may regret. Abducted in his sleep he finds himself "volunteered" for a top secret government project that will change the very course of human history. 

Because the advanced alien race has already made contact with us and the Ambassador who will be the first to meet them must be chosen and prepared.

Secretly transporting the human subject to the appointed rendevous point on the dark side of the moon will be the easy part. Keeping him alive during his twenty year journey in the alien environment is what's impossible.

But the aliens gave us the solution in the coded message that we received. The Process, as it's known, carries extreme risks having already claimed the lives of the first twelve "volunteers". 

And Downing soon learns that his own Process has already begun,

Holy War
A Sci-Fi Action Thriller, 100k words (approx)
Centuries in the future, when the majority of the human race is scattered throughout the solar system on colonies and massive orbital stations, a war of religious strife between the Union of Earth Nations and a religious front of unified colonists called the Solitude had raged for decades.  The Schism War had divided humanity, claimed the lives of millions and reduced centuries of progress to ash.  When the war ends under a joint restructuration treaty, former enemies find themselves struggling together to rebuild their decimated societies from pools of vastly depleted resources.

Mining ship Captain Allister Jordan, a former Union fleet officer and a famed hero of the Schism War, leads a joint Sol-Union crew to an asteroid belt far from an outlying colony on an expedition to harvest vital ore. Despite the long standing treaty, relations between the former enemies are strained and a bloody history is too hard for many to forget.

Rising tensions aboard the UMS Pioneer peak when a monumental discovery is made: an alien artifact whose mere existence threatens to shatter the very foundation of the Solitude beliefs. The Sol crewmembers, including their Sect Priestess who is second in command, are enraged when Jordan recovers the artifact, bringing the priceless and historic find aboard the Pioneer for their return trip home.  

At the midpoint of their return Jordan realizes that the Sol crewmembers aboard his ship, and an ominous Solitude threat moving to engage them, will stop at nothing to destroy the artifact and kill everyone with knowledge of it. Aboard the Pioneer Jordan and his few allies fight for control of the ship, outnumbered and virtually defenseless, against a deadly mutiny.  Meanwhile, an even greater danger looms closer as their slow, unarmed mining freighter is hunted by the most powerful weapon ever created by the Solitude Church.    

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