Thursday, July 7, 2011

First Blogger Post Ever

Welcome to my first ever blog: One Writers Journey!  Name wasn't taken so I guess I'll keep it for now.  Why am I blogging: I remember being told a long time ago by someone really smart (High School guidance counselor I think, can't honestly remember) that one good way to help you succeed at any large venture is to keep a journal of what you're doing for that pursuit.  After awhile you can look back and learn from past mistakes and shortcomings and also get inspiration and motivation from former successes when the going gets tough.

Well, here goes; here I'll be posting about my work and efforts as a LONG time aspiring yet indecisive, frustrated and overall unproductive writer to finally get over my own mental and personal walls to get something of mine out there in the world.  Thanks to the Internet and the magic of blogging enormous amounts of insider info, personal stories and "click" specific knowledge bases are now available and in a lot of opinions (mine included) opportunities to field your work to the world and generate a readership are now unprecedented.  With all the dramatic changes in the traditional publishing industry I'll be looking to jump on the wildly popular Kindle bandwagon, as many formerly un-agented/published/recognized/paid writers have done in recent years.

I know what some of you may be thinking: technically anyone, anywhere can string a bunch of words together and hit the submit button (as I'm sure many have done) but there's really not much point to that I think. Go spray paint your name on a dumpster while you're at it.  I'll be looking to do more than that.  There are many inspirational success stories out there to be found on other writers blogs where they've gone into great detail on how they found success in the new and constantly growing e-publishing world. 

I'm looking to see where that road leads and you're welcome to come along for the ride.

Good times, Dave

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