Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Doomsday Door; Cover Reveal

Apologies to all that may have stopped by here and seen absolutely nothing new since Feb. So far I'm well on track to violating virtually all of my 2012 writing resolutions, including not keeping my blog updated and active.

In my defense, no matter how dedicated and hardcore one is, it's genuinely hard to focus on a creative, non-paying venture when you have Backdraft type fires to put out at home.

Whining now concluded, I do have something new to share that's very exciting (to me anyway) and that's the proof for my "Doomsday Door" cover!

The pic to the left is a collage proofs I got from my artist. The "semi-finished" thumbnail in the top left corner is the cover itself and the other samples are blow ups of particular areas. Me and the artist are both new to this so excuse us if this seems out of the ordinary. She's Yobtaf on Deviantart (her name is Mel) and she's somewhere in Australia.

I do have some changes to suggest to her but would love any feedback that anyone has to offer. Once we finalize the design we'll resolve some business and then I'll have my "cover" box checked off!

Me personally, I can only think of one or two things to change and I'm completely stunned by the cover so far. I'm contemplating blocking out Mel's info on the bottom so I can put it up on KB for feedback as well but I think I'll ask her first what she would like. I'll also let her know that with her info visible she may be in danger of getting a deluge of requests for cover art! I think she's that good, anyway.

So, here it is in all it's post-apocalyptic glory. Good or bad, let me know what you think.

Good times.


  1. Oh my! GORGEOUS cover! Mel will get a deluge of clients after this. I love everything about this: the buildings, the font,the door. This looks like a brick and mortar cover. Great, great job.

    Still put it up in Kindle boards since they are pros at picking apart covers, but I think you'll get more praise than criticism :)

    This is an amazing cover.

  2. Sweet, thanks Lauren. I knew it was amazing when I first saw it. Literally took my breath away.

    "Holy f%#k! That's "MY" cover?!"

    I am staying obejctive though about everything going into my debut so thanks very much for the feedback.

    Anyone with a CC can go get a great cover from a no-BS artist. Just need to make the rest of the final product as good now. That's the trick though isn't it?

  3. Amazing cover! I would want to read it just by looking at it. So exciting!

  4. Thanks Sara! If you like I'll put you down as a Beta.